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Certified Public Accountant





We offer assurance services to any size business. Our expertise is situated, among others:


  • Audit

  • Review

  • Compilation

  • Special report


We worked out a unique concept of bookkeeping which allows you to save  time and money. You save time because you avoid moving at your accountant's office to put back  papers. You save some money because your accountant has access to all your invoices via a bank of accounting storage of documents on the Internet. The accountant connects at a distance in your system and your accounting is made while you take care of what creates wealth for your company. See the information in the link following for a description more detailed:

Besides, this service allows to offer you the following services:

  • GST/TVH and QST taxes files

  • Employee benefit files

  • Follow-up of the payables 

  • Management advises 

  • Accounting by activities

  • Follow-up of the receivables

  • Bank conciliation

  • Pay

  • Provisional tax account

  • Multicurrency

  • Personal taxes

  • Corporations taxes

  • Inheritance and testamentary planning

  • Trusts taxes

  • Corporate reorganizations

  • Transfer of companies between generations 



Our team is capable of supplying you all the taxes services that you need.

Among these services, we find:

  • Death and succession

  • Purchase / sale of company 

  • Financing by fiscal incentive

  • Research and development

  • GST et QST

  • Fiscal searches on any other subject



Before making an important decision for your company, a consultation could show you of new opportunities. We advise our customers in these various spheres:

  • Subsidies and loans

  • Starting up of company

  • Tax credit for investment

  • Tax credit for research and development

  • Purchase / Sale of company

  • Évaluation of company

  • Business plan

  • Followed starting-up

  • Forward-looking financial statements

  • Financial plan, loan negotiation

  • Financial analysis

  • Analysis of breakeven point


With the experience accumulated with our certification customers, we established a knowledge pushed by several computer systems. We are available to assist you in the choice and the setting-up of your IT products. Our expertise is among others requested in the following activities:

  • Accounting system setting-up

  • Software choice

  • Financial accounting/management accounting

  • Quickbooks training 

  • Quickbooks advisor for cloud online


» Manufacturer

» Construction

» Retail selling 

» Wholesalers

» Services business 

» Research and development 

Our cabinet offers a vast range of services to companies and to private individuals. If you are an owner of a company to sole owner or that you manage an international company, we have the resources to answer your problems.

The size of our office favors a more personal contact with our clientele and allows us to limit our expenses of administrations. This factor, combined in a low personnel turnover, allows us to offer services of high quality to competitive prices.


Year after year, we continue to serve the same customers satisfied to whom are added over the years new customers and new companies. Although incomplete, here is a list of sector in which we work:

» Real estate

» Recycling

» Investment company

» High technologies 



We are proud to have built up a robust reputation in the field of the international taxation. We offer relevant services and advice to our clientele. If you try to launch your company in Canada or if you try to make your company grow abroad, Grondin CPA turns out to be a solid partner. We offer among others services in the following spheres:

- Expatriate

- Deemed residents in Canada or USA

- Canadian trust

- Assets protection trust

- American taxation

  • » American Citizens living in Canada

    • - Form 1040 US

    • - FBAR Report of foreign bank and financial account

    •   TD F 90-22.1

    • - Voluntary disclosure for US Citizen Resident living abroad

    •   who hasn't file income tax

  • » Canadian living in foreign country

    • - Holding Canadian real estate

    • - Holding registered retirement account

  • » Canadian Corporation doing business in the USA

  •         - 1120 F (Foreign income tax declaration)

  • » US Corporation establishing business in Canada

  •         - Branch taxes

  • » Certification for subsidiaries of foreign company

  • » Support your emigration / immigration

- Certification for subsidiaries of foreign company

- Support your emigration / immigration

             Or call

CPA auditeur, CA, Pl.Fin associate



Monday to Friday

 » From 9h00 to 17h30


710, rue Bouvier, bureau 200

Québec (Québec)

G2J 1C2

E-mail :
Phone  :  418.627.3666

Toll free  :  844.216.3666

Fax  :  418.622.2548


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